O2 Sensor Bung Reducers 18mm To 12mm Pair

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Namz started to produce our oxygen sensor extensions since many customers had asked how they could fit their custom exhaust system from their 2009 fl onto a new 2010 fl models.The kit also works perfectly for all 2012 fxst & dyna models allowing the use of older style pipes.The new sensors are also in a different location, much further back on the head pipe thus making the need for a longer harness.Our oxygen sensor extensions allows the use of a 2009 header to fit onto 2010-up models and includes 18mm to 12mm bung adapters & a front plug-n-play harness extension to allow for easy installation.Our front o2 extension harness kits have been tested and designed by our engineers to work & fit perfectly.Simple installation and are intended to be installed with 2009 headers/exhaust systems & all 2012 fxst & dyna models.