Vittoria PV/Latex Road Tube

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Size: 700x19/23

26 x 1.70/2.30
29 x 1.70/2.30

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You probably don't think much about the tubes you put inside your tires, but with Vittoria's Latex Road Tubes, you'll have a slight advantage when it comes to speed. In testing, latex tubes are smooth enough to reduce rolling resistance by a few watts. And while a few watts may not seem like much, when you consider that switching to latex saves nearly 75g, the seemingly innocuous tube starts to make a dent in your results. The lighter tubes mean quicker accelerations and the lower rolling resistance means you'll stay at speed for longer. In addition to being faster, latex tubes are also more elastic to increase puncture resistance to pinch flats. Please note that most major wheel, tire, and tube manufacturers recommend against using latex tubes with carbon clinchers. Carbon brake surfaces tend to heat-up more than alloy, which can cause latex tubes to burst. Always use butyl tubes with carbon clincher rims.

  • Made of high quality material
  • Excellent level of reliability and longevity
  • More than sixty years of experience in the bicycle industry
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700x19/23, 700x25-28c, 26 x 1.70/2.30, 29 x 1.70/2.30