Carbon Fiber Clutch Plate Set

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The trick is to build a pre measured assembly to re-set your bike to the exact stock stack height, just fitting new plates might not bring your bike right back up to spec and slippage could still occur.Plus the springs in the ebc drc and drcf kits are 15% tougher than stock, you will quickly get used to the slight increase in lever pressure and from there on, your clutch will have more feel and control, it will never suffer slippage again, it will last longer and give you better drive.The drc kits from ebc are world famous and literally millions have been sold but the new drcf kit even raises the bar again.Where the early drc kits feature cork based clutch plates exactly the same as the original clutch in your bike when it was new, the drcf kits include a heavy duty clutch liner impregnated with carbon fibers that wears better, grips better and feels better.If you don’t want to step up to the full cost of the drcf complete kit, you can shortly buy the ckf plate kit separately and upgrade just the plates in your bike….Don’t forget though always use heavy duty springs.Stock springs get heat fatigued and are not up to the job after a few hard motos.