Gamma Shockbuster II Vibration Dampener, Tennis Racquet Shock Absorber, Advanced Zorbicon Gel for Maximum Vibration Reduction

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The Gamma Shockbuster II contacts all critical main strings and dampens out vibration with its patented Zorbicon filled design. Shockbuster II has twice the Zorbicon of the original Shockbuster, offering twice the shock and vibration dampening capability. Reduces risk of tennis elbow and arm discomfort.

  • EXTREME DAMPENING: Contacts all critical main strings for maximum reduction in vibrations.
  • 2x ZORBICON: Double the Zorbicon gel construction kills harmful shock.
  • PROTECT AGAINST INJURY: Can help to alleviate and protect against painful tennis elbow.
  • CUSTOMIZE: Available in many different color combinations.
  • THE ORIGINAL WORM SHAPED DAMPENER: Easy to install, snap on and play!